What to Do When You Break Family Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry is some of the most important accessories you’ll ever own. There’s a real history to each piece. Perhaps your grandmother wore that ring at her wedding. Or your great-father buttoned his shirts with those cufflinks. These pieces have such meaning to you, you might be wary of taking them out of your drawer and using them. But they’re meant to be used – so long as you’re careful. But since they’re old, they just might snap. If you break a piece of family jewelry, act fast.


Ask the Experts

When affordable local jewelry repair makes it so easy to rely on the experts, there’s no reason to attempt fixing broken jewelry yourself. Only professionals have the tools necessary to get the jewelry looking as good as new without damaging any of the remaining pieces. Whether it’s a stone that fell out, a clasp that snapped or a chain that’s tarnished, rely on the professionals to fix your piece fast.

If you break a family heirloom piece of jewelry in Virginia, don’t panic – call the experts or bring the pieces to a jeweler right away. They’ll do such a seamless job, you might not even have to admit to anyone what happened.

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