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Kayaking 101


Kayaking is great, but there are a few things you need to know before you head out into the water.

First things first. Know how to save yourself in case your kayak tips, and know how to use all the safety gear around. That includes the pump on your kayak in case your kayak starts to fill with water, and inflatable paddle floats, which will allow you to re-enter your kayak in the event of your capsizing out there. Make use you know all the rules of the water before heading out.

When you do head out, make sure you dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature. Quick drying clothes are best, clearly, and since there will be no shade of any variety out there, a hat and sunscreen is also a good idea. If you are not sure what to get or where to get the right stuff, Play It Again Sports is the best local water sports store around, and are a great resource for all things kayaking.

Make sure you get the right boat for you. Whether it is a ten-foot one-person kayak or a larger multi seat job (those are the ones I prefer), getting the right ride that fits both your wallet and your lifestyle will ensure the most fun you can have with your kayak.

Finding Things To Do in Palm Springs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a resident; when you’re in Palm Springs, you want to have a good time. With the sun constantly shining down in the beautiful state of California, it doesn’t seem like it’s difficult to find entertainment in Palm Springs, but narrowing down some of the better options can make your days much more enjoyable.


  • Ride the Tramway. Because there aren’t many of these in other cities, riding the Tramway can be a great way to get the full Palm Springs experience. Not only will you be on one of the world’s biggest rotating trams, but you’ll be able to engage in other activities once you reach the top of Mount San Jacinto.
  • Find the fair. Palm Springs is well known for its Thursday evening fairs, which occur all-year long and offer visitors food, shopping, entertainment and more. The fair happens on Palm Canyon Drive and is closed off so that everyone attending can safely enjoy the event.
  • Enjoy some shopping. Palm Springs is home to many fantastic shopping areas, including malls that house over 130 brand outlets. There are places to shop all over the city, from malls to mom-and-pop shops.

Your visit to Palm Springs, despite where you permanently reside, should be a memorable one. Try to schedule your days accordingly so that you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, from museums to zoos to theaters.