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Non-Invasive Alternatives to Spinal Surgery

Surgery is unwanted for many reasons: the costs involved, pain and suffering during recovery time, and the lost time away from work or family obligations. What if there was a way to gain relief for spinal injuries without having to suffer through the pre- and post- op recovery process? Fortunately, advances in medical technologies now make noninvasive spinal pain treatments a realistic option.


Laser treatments help isolate the cause of the pain by resolving arthritis inflammation in the spine; which then causes the good cells to reproduce quickly and heal. This treatment also helps stop the degeneration of this progressive disease; allowing for the recovery process to begin. In addition to laser treatments, there are also traction decompression therapies available; which take the pressure off discs and nerves in a given area. Both treatments can be used individually or in conjunction with each other; depending on the patient’s evaluation and practitioner’s recommendation.

Since treatments are non-invasive, patients can schedule appointments around work and family obligations, and with no post-op pain medications required, these therapies are ideal for those who have to operate a vehicle, watch children, or have a job requiring a high degree of mental alertness.

It makes sense to avoid the physical and financial pain that comes with surgery. Find out if you are a candidate today and be on your way to long-term back pain relief.