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The Current Trends of Cremation

Traditional funerals began because people had a connection to the land. Generations of farmers would plow the same land their parents and grandparents did. People lived for centuries around a church or town square. This made the connection to the land important. It’s also the reason why so many people emphasized receiving a burial in the place where they had lived, raised a family, and eventually would die. But times have changed.

People are increasingly seeking out the best local cremation service they can find. Why? Because over the last generation or two, people have become increasingly mobile. We no longer spend all our lives in one place. Instead, we move about, either because of job demands or because we want to be closer to one side of the family. Some of us move habitually now, spending a few years in one job, living in an apartment, before getting bored and moving onto something else.


This has led to an increasing number of people deciding to cremate, and that means new trends in cremation. People are personalizing their cremation more and more with urns that reflect the deceased. Where once cremation wasn’t looked on too highly, its popularity has gone upward as people have become less attached to the land. This makes cremation service a good choice when considering a funeral service.